18 Relationships Destroyed By The Dress That Broke The Internet

Can you believe people broke up or ended friendship o

1. Stay At College

Stay At College

No one wants to be around you if you think this dress is white and gold. It seems that the black and blue people feel inferior to the white and gold people, as if something might be wrong with their own eyes.

2. Won't Change Her Verdict

Won't Change Her Verdict

Wow, these people should be on a jury, they are so sure.

3. We Can't Be Friends

We Can't Be Friends

If you can't see the right color we are no longer friends. It's over.

4. Is It Worth An FU?

Is It Worth An FU?

These people are so positive in what they see that they think the other is cray cray.

5. Insanity


Should anyone be wasting so much time on this?



The truth comes out of this type of world problem ... he loves Frodo more. Break up time.

7. Go Away

Go Away

Friendships are shattering as each believes they are friends with a stupid person.

8. You're Dead To Me

You're Dead To Me

You may as well be dead if you can't see true colors ... or at least what I see.

9. Video


Wow, this is intense.

10. Amanda's Adopted

Amanda's Adopted

Family secrets exposed over this dress. Whoa!