Adorable Couples Who Have This Whole Relationship Thing Figured Out

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1. Be Cheesy

Be Cheesy

You love each other, so there's no worries about being dorky..

2. They Back Each Other Up

They Back Each Other Up

They belong together and they let everyone know..

3. Going To Costco

Going To Costco

They've got a game plan and work together, even at Costco!

4. Understand Sacrifice

Understand Sacrifice

It's a little reminder to you partner that you're very special. . . "It's bacon"!

5. Two Peas In A Pod..

Two Peas In A Pod..

They follow each other EVERYWHERE and never tire of it!

6. Never Boring

Never Boring

The “keeping each other on their toes” couple!

7. Keep Life Fun

Keep Life Fun

Always be up for adventure, no matter how long you've been together!

8. Sex & Food

Sex & Food

Eating in bed is king. . . It's the next best thing to having sex.

9. Having Humor

Having Humor

Infatuation will come and go, so it good to have a sense of humor.

10. Play Games

Play Games

That would be playing the good type of fun games! Keep your partner on their toes.