These Animals Might Be Living Inside You Right Now (so gross!)

How to know if you (or your geni

1. Candiru


This disgusting fish is a pervert and is attracted to ammonia, (which is in human urine). Candirus are known to swim up flowing urine and infect the genitals. HInt: don't pee while swimming in South American rivers!

2. Tapeworms


The scariest part of being infested with this worm, is that it can live in your digestive tract and show no signs or symptoms! The only way to know for sure is to inspect your stool and look for parts of it. Eww!

3. Scabies


This little trouble-making mite creates an intense skin infection that can easily be confused with other itchy rashes. Hint: If you know someone who has scabies and have had skin to skin contact with them, know it's highly contagious!

4. Roaches


You might have a hard time sleeping knowing this common bug likes to go wandering into your ear if given the chance! Wear earplugs, if there's a roach infestation in your home.

5. Loa Loa

Loa Loa

This nightmarish worm can enter your body through ANY entry point. Worse is that it travels through your body and finally settles in your eyes! YIKES!

6. Earwigs


Just like their name, earwigs have been known from time to time to set up home in your ear canal. . . just to freak you out.

7. Hookworm


These parasites are vampiric creatures living in your intestines while feasting on your blood. If not rid of, they can cause an iron deficiency.

8. Moths


Wow, did you know the common moth can go crawling through your ear canals? Doctors say once in, they're extremely hard to remove, even carefully with tweezers.

9. Maggots


Evidence shows that maggots not only feast on the dead but on "living" people too! They're found all over humans, although a majority of infections occur in the scalp.

10. The Human Botfly

The Human Botfly

This terrible critter can lay it’s eggs anywhere on OR in you. They're mostly found under the human skin, in the mouth, and even in the eyes. Feeling nauseous? We are too!