These People Should Not Be Parents

Our future may be bleak if these pa

1. Psycho Parent Rules

Psycho Parent Rules

Is this some twisted joke? Surely the Heath and Human Services (HHS) wouldn't think so. Evidence is now being collected..

2. Baby Games

Baby Games

Who's the "baby" here, it's certainly NOT baby. Dad consider growing-up, OR baby won't have a chance to.

3. While Breastfeeding

While Breastfeeding

No wonder baby is crying and hungry. How would you like having spray tan for lunch? AND is it toxic?

4. Need For Gun Control

Need For Gun Control

Yikes, this is hard to look at! If this is in the U.S.A., WHAT do you think NRA?

5. Getting Daily Exercise

Getting Daily Exercise

Mom's trying to set a good example for her daughter by doing daily exercise, we agree BUT hopefully her daughter will make it to an age she can appreciate it.

6. Cellphones Vs Baby

Cellphones Vs Baby

Speaking on cellphones is very important to moms: "Are you okay over there?" " Yeah, I'm good just dropping things as usual"..

7. A Child Leash

A Child Leash

Some parents like the idea of toddler safety harnesses and leashes, but they don't want to spend the money for one. . . Why buy one when you have your pet leash? Nope, big FAIL Mom!

8. Young Dads

Young Dads

Some dads want to procreate, even beyond the bedroom. Let's just hope it solely with mom.

9. Motorbike Helmet?

Motorbike Helmet?

Wearing a motorbike helmet is to prevent death or injury in an accident. Dad you want to protect your kid, or kill him with a plastic bag?

10. Duck Tape Baby Sitter

Duck Tape Baby Sitter

Toddlers are squirrelly and move all over the place. You may want to do this, BUT don't do this..