Weirdest Girls on Russian Dating Sites

Think internet dating is weird? Wa

1. Who Needs a Man When She Has a Watermelon?

Who Needs a Man When She Has a Watermelon?

We don't know, it looks like she is doing just fine living the single life. What are men for anyway?

2. Sexy Banana

Sexy Banana

We are not sure what she was going for with this one. If it was 'completely unqualified mail order bride', she hit the nail right on the head.

3. Toilet Eulogy

Toilet Eulogy

Sometimes we look at a picture and just wonder, "what could they POSSIBLY be thinking here?"

4. Red as a Rose

Red as a Rose

The way those flowers are looking, she forgot to flush before she used to toilet as a vase.

5. Leaopard, Leaopard, Everywhere!

Leaopard, Leaopard, Everywhere!

As we know, Russians have impeccable taste in fashion. In Russia, the leopard print never goes out of season.

6. Ariel?


How did the Little Mermaid get to Russia and how can we get her back?

7. Spread Em Wide

Spread Em Wide

We are not sure if either of these poses screams "wifey material". Yes we do know, actually. It does not scream anything but Miley Cyrus.

8. She's Here 2 Party

She's Here 2 Party

If you are going through all of the pain and expense of getting yourself a mail-order bride, you should at least know she is down to party, right?

9. A Heart of....Spuds?

A Heart of....Spuds?

Some people have a heart of gold, others a heart of cole. She has a heart of future french fries, and we love it!

10. Sexy Schoolgirl

Sexy Schoolgirl

Ahh, now this is more like the schoolgirls we remember growing up with. Not like all those schoolgirls in the dirty movies...