What Your Body Language at Restaurants Says About Your Relationship

From how you sit to how you eat, body language is sometimes

1. Menu Up

Menu Up

This couple has put as much distance between them as possible. We say leave the smartphone in your bag (on airplane mode!) and opt for a restaurant with smaller tables. More room for food equals two bloated people that don't feel any closer than they did before they went out.

2. Elbows & Hands

Elbows & Hands

Elbows and forearms flat on the table is usually a sign of discomfort. They're avoiding eye contact and touching their faces out of distress. It's not a good night for them.

3. Same Side Snuggle

Same Side Snuggle

Couples that like to sit on the same side of the table see life as an adventure worth watching, side by side, with their favorite person. It's annoying to watch, but they're not concerned with how others see them. You gotta love that.

4. Easy Going

Easy Going

It's not always the worst thing to have your electronic devices out when you're on a date. Sometimes a couple just needs to eat! It doesn't have to be a big romantic production. Since these two are sitting next to each other, there's more opportunity to engage. "Hey check this out..LOL!"

5. Holding Hands

Holding Hands

Holding hands is always a good sign. Grazing fingers above the table shows that they are completely infatuated.

6. Reading Together

Reading Together

Couples that read together stay together. It doesn't rhyme. It doesn't have to.

7. Food Fights

Food Fights

Food fights are always better than actual fights. Goofiness is always a good sign!

8. Room Scan

Room Scan

If your partner is scanning the room with their eyes (for no good reason) that's an obvious sign that they're more interested in ANYTHING but you.

9. Full On Braul

Full On Braul

Whenever couples get into physical fights at a restaurant they're obviously not on the best of terms, or they're just really into that sort of thing.

10. Touching


In general, couples that touch at restaurants are more happy than those that don't. It's very similar to the way they sleep.